Stelzentheater, Feuer-Show, Walkact auf Stelzen Camouflage-roadshow

Agni - "Bearer of the fire"

Agni, the god of fire and intermediary between human and gods.

This fantastical slim costume have a height of about 2.70 m and can produce his corresponding element and bursts fire. For this purpose, the designers at Raloth have equipped the actors with portable flame-throwers. However, if the circumstances of your event do not allow the use of flames, it is also possible to book this act as a pure and exciting dance performance.

This series is very useful for - but not limited to - events with an environmental context. For instance, these costumes have already been a success at several opening and ground-breaking ceremonies.

By combining this costume with other large costumes and live percussion, Camouflage Roadshow offers you a great basis for creative and fantastical parades.