Medusa Medusa – Ice creature with head of Medusa Blinding white cloth,Ice-cold wovenSurrounds your bodybillow of damp mistEnveloping icyThe Goddess of Mist …In the dense fog she appears to the skippers as a warning, but woe to the wretch who follows her seductive lure, he will fall for her … magical being, with the ability […]


Voodoo The Voodoo costume is – like Agni – tall, slim and agile. The feathermask suits fantastic to old factorys and halls. Together with Insectopia our most popular nightclub-costume.


Lemuria – Lasershow The Continent “Lemuria” was in ancient times a legend about a bridge joining Asia and Amerika. A land where giants, dwarfs and unicorns movedfreely over wide opend spaces and under the earth a labyrinth of tunnels were contructed. The legend suggests that the “Lemurians” were a highly evolved race with supernatural […]

The Weltenbummlers

The Weltenbummlers: The WalkAct from Outer Space Camouflage Roadshow presents their newest joint venture with the DUO DIAGONAL: They have landed!An intergalactic walk act: on their reconnaissance trip to our planet, two extraterrestrial cultural ambassadors have brought their pets along with them:huge insect-like monsters, who naturallywant to stick their noses into everything and have […]

The Herd We are pleased to announce our new partnership with streettheatergroup “Rue Piétonne”. A giant of a shepherd guards a flock of animals in the middle of your Festival.And he is really busy to take care of this great, strange creatures eat everything, revolves around, sleep, fight each other … The herd has almost lifelike ordinary animal […]