Insectopia – Stiltperformance Be abducted into a world after our time when the insects have taken over. Insectopia first landed in the Hannover EXPO on August 25th. 2000. The Insectopia costumes were desinged for EXPOESIE to be performed during the Hannover EXPO 2000. Insectopia was part of the galactic SiFi athmosphere, presented before 35.000 […]

Headless Madness

Headless Madness – Comedy-Walkact The interactive Comedy Walkact “Headless Madness” rescues the symbolism of the head loose acting businesses or politician, that gladly only nearby goals pursue and the fast chance for an easy business use – and at the same time naturally seem to be headless. The Camouflage Roadshow has experience in the moving […]

Sol é Luna

Sol é Luna – Giants of the Universe Invite Sun & Moon to your Event… Our latest Walkactproduction „SOL é LUNA“ transport bright light and creates a elegant atmosphere to any event. These two new costumes replace our worldwide presented characters „Phönix & Ikarus after six years. Sol: adorable, charming, baroaue, feminineLuna: agile, energetic, futuristic, […]

The Weltenbummlers

The Weltenbummlers: The WalkAct from Outer Space Camouflage Roadshow presents their newest joint venture with the DUO DIAGONAL: They have landed!An intergalactic walk act: on their reconnaissance trip to our planet, two extraterrestrial cultural ambassadors have brought their pets along with them:huge insect-like monsters, who naturallywant to stick their noses into everything and have […]