Insectopia - Stiltperformance

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Be abducted into a world after our time when the insects have taken over.

Insectopia first landed in the Hannover EXPO on August 25th. 2000. The Insectopia costumes were desinged for EXPOESIE to be performed during the Hannover EXPO 2000. Insectopia was part of the galactic SiFi athmosphere, presented before 35.000 spectators during the EXPOESIE Theater Spectacle. Today the insekts are part of our show Lemuria.

The powerful images that Insectopia present have inspired a choreographed fire and stilt show. This Insectopia Show will bring the insects and the fire performer into a dynamic struggle between good and evil. The Insectopia stilt characters can also be booked as a roaming show to crawl and creap thru any event.

Furthermore we have performed at the VOOV Experience 2001 and several other dance floors.

Insektopia Groove Act: Dressed up percussionists ( are accompanying our insects. This little parade acts in streets, cafes, shops and plays with the passers-by. Doing this, the percussionists are playing on everything they get in their hands.